Disney Environmentality
valid from 01/29/2019 - Open

Thank you for being mindful of your environmental footprint here at Walt Disney World! We’re happy to have you here for the start of Earth Month, too!

During the Star Wars Rival Run Weekend Health and Fitness Expo, you’ll find the Disney Environmentality team by the Sharing Tree, where you can share why you care about nature and the planet. We encourage you to come by and share a favorite memory that inspires YOU to care for nature and our planet. You can write a story or draw a picture, just be creative! This is a great activity stop for your kids – but we want to hear from our Guests of all ages!

Here’s a few more things you can do while you’re visiting our resort:

  1. Grabbing a Starbucks in one of our parks? You can recycle your cup and lid when you're done enjoying your beverage!
  2. Staying in a Disney resort? You can help conserve water by reusing your towel. Just hang it up when you're done!
  3. Plan on doing some shopping? Consider using one of our new reusable bags or combining all of your purchases into one of our 100% recycled content bags. By choosing a reusable bag, you are helping Disney with its commitment to reduce single-use plastics. There are different patterned bags for each park and Disney Springs, and one pattern for all the resorts.
  4. Not interested in keeping your park map? You can recycle that too! Drop it in a recycle bin on the way out.
  5. Staying in a Disney resort? Take a Disney bus to one of the parks. Not only is carpooling good for the environment, but our buses run on a renewable diesel made from used cooking oil and non-consumable food waste. A win-win for the planet!

Did you know? Disney is constantly looking for new ways to strengthen our commitment to environmental stewardship. For the 2018-19 runDisney race season, we are introducing a new banana peel collection recycling program with signage and labels presented by Chiquita®.

At the end of your race, you’ll notice banana peel recycling containers and signage throughout the finish line, reunion and Race Retreat areas. The collected banana peels will be sent to Harvest Power, an on-site facility that converts non-consumable food scraps into renewable energy. This is a new and exciting opportunity for Walt Disney World Guests to participate in our food scraps collection program, and you can learn more about Harvest Power here.